What is UFOs

The UFO and alien visitors record more than thousand years. There is no clear evidence that aliens had come to Earth It was believed seeing certain things and facts that are shocking and surprising. Why aliens should come to Earth? What is the purpose of aliens to visit Earth? Are they really come to Earth? One FBI agent commented that he just believes though he has not seen in his eyes. He believes and hopes there are aliens on Earth. If it was there, it is believed that it can construct spacecraft that can travel between their world and Earth.

It is a strong fact that aliens are there, and it has come to Earth. It is our chance to believe or not to believe. When you look at the stars and galaxy, you will definitely get a thought that it has visited Earth years or decades ago. It can also be a part of our community that we may not know. What will happen if aliens and UFO’s we are thinking are not real? Can you believe that they have not visited Earth at all? Are aliens are our imaginary creation? Why would people from another part of the Universe travel to our country? Is there any solid reason for them to travel here? Is it possible for them to travel without human’s knowledge?

Guess, the aliens should be settled in another planet. They may not be settled at all. We have to convince ourselves by answering appropriately to these questions. Why they should come and pollute humans to death? We are already dying due to various natural calamities. Why it should come and suffer along with humans?

We do not have much evidence or proof to state that it is done by aliens or aliens have visited Earth exactly this time. It is just the thought running in everyone’s mind, and we are still not sure whether the thought is right or wrong.

Many physicians state that there are several species in the universe not known to humans. It is not known to naked eyes. Moreover, they say that some species stay within the universe limits and has not entered the Earth still. The time machine can remain as evidence to prove that aliens have visited earth. When you travel decades back, you can trace certain unknown facts and gather whether aliens have visited or not. Some people have thought that humans are the evolved form of aliens. It may sound as a crazy idea, but you need to prove with stories, paper and mathematic knowledge. There is no need to crush your mind to prove that aliens have visited the Earth.

Some researchers say aliens can be demons. There are several religious stories supporting this fact, and it is again not sure whether their findings are true. Does that means aliens are not good guys. The researchers indirectly point that aliens are not good guys. They are against humans. They may invade Earth or other stories. Again, we need to think practically and believe what is necessary.

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