There are several things in the world which we are not still clear or do not have answers. We have lived so long but still several things in the world remains as a puzzle. Some tried to tell the truth, but it remains hard to believe. The entire understanding of Earth is impossible, but you can gain knowledge only when you understand the Earth.

To solve the mystery, several bright minded and curious individuals have joined together. Though mysteries are said, the end is you can decide what to believe and what not to believe.

The Grooved Spheres

In the last few decades, the South Africa miners have found mysterious metal spheres when digging up. The origin of the metal spheres is unknown. It measures about one inch in diameter. Some have three parallel grooves consecutively around the equator. They have found two types of spheres. One look hollowed out and consist of spongy white substance, and others is a solid blush metal. It has flecks of white. It is said that the rock ages more than two billion years. It is not known who has made it and for what purpose they have made it.

The Dropa stones

It was found in caves occupied by the ancient people. It was found in the year 1938. It was found to be buried on the cave floor. There were hundreds of stone disks on the cave floor. It measures around nine inches in width. It has a circle. At the circle part of the circle, there is a spiral groove etch. It looks like an ancient photograph that age’s about ten thousand or twelve thousand years old. Some people believed that it is come from spaceship where people of other planets have left in Earth and went away. It is not sure how it is there and why it was buried.

Giant Stone Balls

Some workmen who were burning and hacking their way through a dense jungle found the incredible object in Costa Rica. They went into the jungle for clearing the banana plantations. There were dozens of large stone balls. These balls were exactly spherical in size. It weighed equal to a tennis ball. It was also seen in astonishing sizes and weighed about sixteen tons. It is clear that it was man made. It is not known why and how people made this stone. It is puzzling how they achieved such a size.

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