According to several archaeologists, mainstream scientists and ancient astronaut theorists, Earth was frequented by extra-terrestrials. They believe that the extraterrestrials have excellent knowledge and capacity to change the world history. It can be true or not true. The topic has raised people to ask several questions. The curiosity and awareness are growing and people who are occupied even in government companies are discussing about this topic.

The Nazea Lines

It seen on the high plateau in the Nazea Desert of Peru. It looks like ancient designs. It stretches for about fifty miles. It has astonished the archaeologists for decades. It is seen with geometric shapes and simple lines. It also consists of drawings of humans, birds and animals. Some drawing measure about six hundred feet across. As it is large in size, the drawings can be seen and enjoyed when you are high in the air. There is no such evidence that Nazeo people discovered the flying machine. It is amazing to hear this news. It is impossible for humans to draw such large gigantic lines. The ancient records say that the lines were used as plans for spaceships.


Several Sanskrit stories that are written in India ages more than two million years. It has information regarding flying machine. It is referred as vimanas. There are a lot of similarities between the description of people who observed the UFO and vimanas. It is believed that astronauts have visited India in the past. They may have come from other planet.

Pyramids of Gaza

There are several changes taking place on Earth. If you come across the ancient world mysteries, you will feel shocked for a moment to hear the news that is shocking and surprising. If you want to knowledge yourself about things happened in the past, you should know the truth. The ancient alien theorists have an opinion that travelers from other planets should have helped the humans to construct the Gaza Pyramid in Egypt. It is an incredible feat and its engineering is complex. It occupies at the connection of the latitude and longitude’s longest lines. Are you wondering how it is possible for the humans to construct in such a way? Did the constructors of pyramid know that the Earth is round and about its dimensions?

The Sumerians

The Sumerians belong to the oldest civilization. They were known to man. They believed that Annunaki created them. It was said it belong to the ET group. The Annunaki appeared from the stars to planet, and created the Sumerians. They came to earth for Gold. The Sumerians have these strong beliefs.

Flower of Life

It is known throughout the world. It takes place in the Temple of Israel, Romania, Osiria, China and several other places. All the things present in the universe are geometric. It is applied to stars, solar system, planet, animals, trees, earth, humans and anything you come across. The platonic solids form together to create the flower of Life. It is believed that it makes the whole universe.

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