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    Video-NEW-Ancient-UFO-DISCLOSURE-Artifacts-Revealed1UFO is a very interesting topic that is discussed by many people. There are a lot of people who are very much interested in the news that are related to the UFO. Here is some information about the statement that was provided by the Russian president during a TV show. This is about the alien visits and the alien intelligence. This statement was provided by the Russian president off the air during a television show unknowingly. This was recorded through the microphone that was fitted for the interview.

    President stated that there is a special top secret folder provided along with the nuclear codes. The particular folder has much information about the aliens who have visited the planet for various reasons. He also added that there is a secret organization that is handling the various activities related to the aliens and control them. Also, to get the complete information on this topic, the document named Men in Black shall be viewed. Most people thought that this particular conversation or comment as a joke. They compared this speech with the famous Hollywood movie that was also titled as Men in Black which have the story line based on the UFO.

    When the president was asked about this on another show, he stated that the statement was talking about the original alien visits on the earth. When he was questioned about the number of aliens on the planet, he refused to mention the number stating that it might cause panic among the people. This news was broadcasted by the Skynews television, and this telecast was interrupted suddenly. There was a sudden short silence and when the telecast resumed swiftly the news as changed about the ditches in Cambridge. In fact, this is said to be rather suspicious. There are some incidents and people who also talk in support of UFO presence in the planet.

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    maxresdefaultUFO is a very interesting topic that is discussed by many people in the recent times. Apart from the scientific proofs and reasons, there are some cultural artifacts that state that there is the presence of aliens on the earth. Some of the ancient cultural artifacts show some humanoid faces wearing the helmets and suits resembling the astronaut. Even in the spiritual books like the Vedas and Bible, there are mentioning about the spirits and angels who come from the sky, and they are the supernatural beings that do some good to the people.

    Also, the structures like pyramids that were constructed in the Egypt, South America, Mexico, Europe and China were lying between the North latitude of 20 and 32 degrees. The engineering, geometry, and precision in these buildings are noteworthy, and this requires advanced knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. This belt also connects the Mexico’s Zone of Silence and Bermuda Triangle. It is also stated by the three pyramids that are situated in Giza is the mirror image of the three stars that are situated in the Orion belt. There are many more curious UFO facts that do not have a hardcore proof.

    A lot of countries have started to talk about the UFO transparently. In fact, around 20 nations have opened their UFO files to the public. But America has decided to stay silent in this discussion and have not disclosed any type of information in this topic. The reason for this silence is guessed to be the probable panic that might affect the citizens in the nation. It is believed that Americans are a bunch of unpredictable people so talking very sensitive issues might cause panic and other possible negative impacts among them. Handling such a situation will be a very challenging job that the American government is not ready to face at this instant.

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  • Interesting Leak: NASA Scientists Claims that Someone Else is There on the Moon No ratings yet.

    high-resolution-image-of-neptune-moon-tritonNeil Armstrong has rightly said that we are living in an eccentric world. There are several great thoughts unidentified and innovations present to people who can remove the protective layers of the truth.

    When you fast forward our Earth to today, you will see numerous people aware of the present topic we are discussing. They know what is happening and what is kept hidden. They also know what scenes are kept away from the public. It is the reason FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) was created. It is the freedom of sharing partial or full information that is unreleased or kept secrets by the government of United States.

    There are several dangers involved in maintaining the transparency. The national security is the major obstacle. When information that are classified and placed as secret from public viewing is revealed, there are chances to experience various consequences in the country. Do you know how the United States government is classifying and hiding documents that are more than five hundred million pages every year? Well, it is completely a separate and unique topic.

    What did NASA scientists Share about the Moon?

    Several NASA persons have shared pretty shocking news regarding the Moon. One of the popular NASA scientists, George Leonard has various pictures of the Moon. He has published the pictures in his book – Somebody Else is on the Moon.

    The size of the pictures is small and it is not up to the present standards. It shows some huge prints. He has presented the images with code number and date to show as clear evidence. It is not sure whether the pictures are real. The resolution is poor and makes the matter worse. The photographs remain as a statement what could be present in the Moon or is there anything else present in the Moon. He is not the only person to claim this fact. There are several such NASA scientists who also claim the same fact.

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