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    The concept of UFO and aliens present in the Earth or visiting the Earth is believable in observation and theory. The Fermi Paradox is the theoretical part. It contains information like this. The ETI that is the extraterrestrial intelligence with the latest technology is believable. It takes time for them to discover Earth but they have reached our galaxy within small time. It is impossible for hiding ourselves from the aliens’ eyes. One of the unsolved mysteries of the world is the detection of flying humanoids. It may sound simple, but the confirmation is not clear. It can also be some kind of strange objects in the sky. How to prove that it is an alien? They are human like creatures seeing in the air. They fly on own but do not know what exactly it is.

    Such rare events attracted people several times. But when searched in the history, it is said that flying humanoids are seen even before the year 2000 in Mexico.

    It may make people to imagine that they are aliens. They have supernatural powers. They are powerful than humans and more. But these are just imaginations. It is still not clear whether they are aliens or not. Some scientists told that far flying aircrafts can be believed as aliens. It can be a top secret plane or flight behind the sky. There is no proof that they are aliens. We cannot assume any flying object as aliens. But when you look on the other side how it is possible for an object to fly in the sky? Is there is any proof that a flight was passing that side secretly? The form and shape show that human flying in the air. There are several things human imagine and shape on own. What can you consider these sightings as?

    What is meant by flying humanoid? Where does it come from? Most people say that it is extraterrestrial beings. It does not belong to Earth. It can be from some other planet. There are several examples to explain the sightings. Some of the recent sightings happened in Mexico and other parts of the world.

    One UFO researcher saw an interesting and interesting figure in the cloud. He told that it was impressive to seem than he had ever watched in the movies. It was not a parachute. He strongly told that it is a nameless flying humanoid. In the same way, more footage and sightings were seen across Mexico. Some believed that it may have large wings. There are no clear evidence for this.

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  • The Crop Circle Mystery and the UFO No ratings yet.

    corp circleIn this article, we will be discussing why most people do not know the truth regarding the UFO. It is said to know that UFO is kept as a hidden secret. There are several reasons for the secrecy.

    Defense and technological implication

    In a year, an average of four hundred million dollars is spent on military development and research by various countries of the planet Earth. It is clear that any nation covers the truth can get substantial rewards. If a nation comes forward and reveals the truth about UFO, there are chances for the country to occupy the ruling position in the planet.

    If a nation gets the alien technology, they would admit that they have obtained from the scientists of the world. Therefore, every nation will adventure the new found technology. It is almost similar to the nuclear technology that is developed in the last twenty countries.

    Another main problem of gaining alien technology is it is highly advanced. It is thousand years ahead of us, and the technology is unimaginable on Earth. We would not even know it is working and what makes the technology work, For example, imagine your Notebook computers developed in the Newton’s age. Is it possible for him to work in those early days with the Notebook? Guess, even the talented and brilliant scientists will find hard to operate and function such advanced technologies. They would not even know to engineer such latest technology.

    The nation has found the alien technology and now hiding from humans. They are waiting for the scientists to find out the alien technology’s mystery.

    Most people have claimed that it is not the true case, and the US government is not hiding any alien technology. They are trying to engineer and does not possess the alien technology.

    Social upheaval

    The government may be hiding the truth for the sake of power and money. Some military personnel have admitted that it may create social confusion. It is claimed as a valid reason to hide the truth. Another rethinking fact is it can also be due to religion. Almost all the religious books say that human race is the most powerful in the world. The Human race is considered as the intelligent in the universe.

    Most religions are finding hard to accept the truth as they think that they are an only powerful race on the planet, and they will only remain powerful. They do not want other race to interfere or destroy the present environment.

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