Video-NEW-Ancient-UFO-DISCLOSURE-Artifacts-Revealed1UFO is a very interesting topic that is discussed by many people. There are a lot of people who are very much interested in the news that are related to the UFO. Here is some information about the statement that was provided by the Russian president during a TV show. This is about the alien visits and the alien intelligence. This statement was provided by the Russian president off the air during a television show unknowingly. This was recorded through the microphone that was fitted for the interview.

President stated that there is a special top secret folder provided along with the nuclear codes. The particular folder has much information about the aliens who have visited the planet for various reasons. He also added that there is a secret organization that is handling the various activities related to the aliens and control them. Also, to get the complete information on this topic, the document named Men in Black shall be viewed. Most people thought that this particular conversation or comment as a joke. They compared this speech with the famous Hollywood movie that was also titled as Men in Black which have the story line based on the UFO.

When the president was asked about this on another show, he stated that the statement was talking about the original alien visits on the earth. When he was questioned about the number of aliens on the planet, he refused to mention the number stating that it might cause panic among the people. This news was broadcasted by the Skynews television, and this telecast was interrupted suddenly. There was a sudden short silence and when the telecast resumed swiftly the news as changed about the ditches in Cambridge. In fact, this is said to be rather suspicious. There are some incidents and people who also talk in support of UFO presence in the planet.

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