maxresdefaultUFO is a very interesting topic that is discussed by many people in the recent times. Apart from the scientific proofs and reasons, there are some cultural artifacts that state that there is the presence of aliens on the earth. Some of the ancient cultural artifacts show some humanoid faces wearing the helmets and suits resembling the astronaut. Even in the spiritual books like the Vedas and Bible, there are mentioning about the spirits and angels who come from the sky, and they are the supernatural beings that do some good to the people.

Also, the structures like pyramids that were constructed in the Egypt, South America, Mexico, Europe and China were lying between the North latitude of 20 and 32 degrees. The engineering, geometry, and precision in these buildings are noteworthy, and this requires advanced knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. This belt also connects the Mexico’s Zone of Silence and Bermuda Triangle. It is also stated by the three pyramids that are situated in Giza is the mirror image of the three stars that are situated in the Orion belt. There are many more curious UFO facts that do not have a hardcore proof.

A lot of countries have started to talk about the UFO transparently. In fact, around 20 nations have opened their UFO files to the public. But America has decided to stay silent in this discussion and have not disclosed any type of information in this topic. The reason for this silence is guessed to be the probable panic that might affect the citizens in the nation. It is believed that Americans are a bunch of unpredictable people so talking very sensitive issues might cause panic and other possible negative impacts among them. Handling such a situation will be a very challenging job that the American government is not ready to face at this instant.

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